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How to Administer to Frogs

Administering Reptaid to FROGS


 Frogs experience health difficulties involving parasites, infections, fungus, and general immune system weakness.    Sometimes the immune system of the frog  is weakened by stress or an overload of parasites making the animal susceptible to bacteriological infections.   Often the frog is showing signs of ill health as evidenced by lack of appetite, lack of activity, and silence when there ought to be croaking and calling.     Reptaid has been very effective in helping frogs  overcome some of these health challenges. 

 Eye dropper vs Syringe:  Your Reptaid bottle may or may not come with an eye dropper attached to the lid.  It is totally unnecessary.  An eye dropper is NOT used to dose or administer the product.  The syringe included in the box is what is used to dose and administer the product.  The eye dropper, which may or may not be present, is a standard pharmaceutical device but is not used with Reptaid.  Our laboratory here in the United States occasionally uses bottle lids that do not have the eye dropper attached.


Dosing and treatment are quite different for frogs.  The basic concept is that frogs absorb through their skin which is why they are so susceptible to contaminants in their water. In  treating frogs with Reptaid, we use this to their advantage.  Using a clean glass jar, put about 6 ounces of clean warm water in the jar.  For smaller frogs, you would use less water and for larger frogs you would use more water.  The amount of water must be adjusted for the species of frog you are treating.   For smaller frogs, put 1 or 2 drops of Reptaid from the eye dropper into the water and mix thoroughly.  For larger frogs use 2-3 drops of Reptaid in the water.   Then put the frog into the water to soak for about 20 minutes. During that time the frog may want to climb up on the glass. Just swish the jar around so he will fall back down into the water, or push him back down so he will soak.   Try to keep him in the water for the best part of the 20 minutes so he will absorb some of the helpful herbs in the water from the Reptaid.   Be sure the water is warm but not hot.  And be sure the water is not too deep for him to sit on the bottom of the jar with his head out of the water.  

Repeat this treatment for the frog for a few days until you see the needed improvement.  In many cases, a complete restoration to normal behavior is seen in just 2 or 3 days.   If dealing with parasites it is suggested to continue the treatment until you get clean fecal checks from the frog. 

It is acceptable and probably advisable to treat all the frogs which share an enclosure  in the same jar of water with Reptaid, but just one frog at a time.  They already share their habitat so they very likely also share the source of their maladies.   Community treatment is advisable. 



Reptaid is not a drug. It is an herbal all natural alternative to drugs.   It is not recommended that Reptaid be administered at the same time as any drug.  If a course of drugs is underway, discontinue the drugs and just use the Reptaid. Or finish the course of drugs and then begin the use of Reptaid.  Do not use at the same time. 



You can use Reptaid products to keep your frogs healthy and vibrant, rather than just as a treatment for sickness or disease. It is suggested to treat your frogs  for 2 or 3 days at the beginning of each month.  This has shown positive results in keeping  animals healthy and thriving.