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Treating Yellow Fungus

Yellow Fungus in Bearded Dragons.

 Yellow Fungus is a disease which afflicts some reptiles, especially bearded dragons.  According to the link below published by the Australian Wildlife Health Network,  “Yellow fungus disease” is  caused by the Chrysosporium anamorph of Nannizziopsis vriessi  (CANV)

Click here for Wildlife Health Australia Yellow Fungus Factsheet

It is a very contagious disease, and, unfortunately current medical treatments are often ineffective.  In most cases the treatment fails and the animal dies. 


Reptaid XL  has been used to help bearded dragons  successfully and  completely  recover from Yellow Fungus Disease.   The following are the instructions for treatment:


1. Administer Oral treatment of Reptaid XL twice a day at .05ml/500g animal weight with no breaks until all traces of the fungus are long gone. 

2. Bathe the dragon in a container of warm water with 4 or 5 drops of Reptaid added to the water for 20-30 minutes each day. The container needs to be large enough for the dragon but not any bigger than necessary for him to bathe. 

3. Dry the dragon off after bathing, and apply Reptaid XL with a q-tip directly to all effected spots on the skin and let it dry.


4. You can also put the Reptaid XL into a small atomizer type of spray bottle and spray the treatment all over the  skin surfaces of the dragon. Add about 25% hot water to dilute the Reptaid XL so it will spray.   Just let it dry on the dragon as much as possible. 


5. The dragon's habitat needs to be in "hospital" mode. This means only paper towels or newspaper for substrate which gets changed every day or two.  No habitat furniture made of wood or anything organic where the fungus could grow.  Rocks are okay or anything made of plastic.  Clean the entire habitat and all contents  once a week with a strong vinegar solution. Rinse well, dry off everything and then wash with Nolvasan  or F10 disinfectant. 

Continue this treatment and be patient because it could take a few months to clear up completely. But you will see continual improvement over time. Each time the dragon sheds, there will be less and less of the discoloration from the fungus until it is all gone. You may see improvement in appetite and energy levels after just a week of treatment.  Keep weights on a weekly basis so you can track progress.  Keep the temperatures for the dragon on the hotter side of their comfort range.  And of course give the dragon lots of love and attention during this long time of treatment and recovery.